Curated Visual Art Exhibition | 2021

It’s not easy being green

Curated by Jeffrey McNeil-Seymour + SD Holman

Green. Ascribed with multiplicities such as spring’s cyclical lush green rematriation: growth, hope, vitality, balance – health … to spectrums of radioactive and toxic neons … to pestilent dark greens symbolizing mutation, jealousy, greed and wealth. Green inhabits interconnectedness, relationship with the Other, the seen and unseen, as well as the very lands and waters the West—WE—continue to occupy. Green maturates deviance, neuro-divergence, epoch and paranormality. 

Strange pop-cultural oddities/underdog/anti-heroes emerge from fantastically unconventional, metaphorical trappings of the colour green: Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West; Rainbow Connection Kermit the Frog; Joaquin Phoenix’s invocation of Arthur Fleck’s becomings into The Joker; The Mandalorian’s Grogu (Baby Yoda) taking the visual lexicon by storm—It’s not easy being Green. 

Was there a time of Utopic Queer being and doing? What are the implications of being privy to pre-apocalypto hauntings? Post-apocalyptic expectations with an evidence base indicating we already have arrived in the end-time—we all have diverse ancestries of forced migration and forced dislocation/relocations along linear entry points, we remain, and WE are/can/could still be vanished at any given moment.  

Green is linked to power. The currency of Green has the power to legally mark action and activism(s) as terrorism. Settler environmental ally/accomplices are marked deviant not only for their vote but akin to Canadian news media’s necropolitical castings of Indigenous land and water protectors as violent. 

We witness the world grappling with end-time realities, seemingly surreal and relentlessly coming into view, as we fight for a world yet to be realized, waiting to be seen—and by one that consistently rejects WE. Green, in its final transformation, exists as representing the supernatural, the great mystery—time and power intertwined. An apocalyptic green glows lasciviously as it courts both eschatological time (Philosopher Byung-Chul Han’s naming of an apocalyptic/temporal endpoint) and the status quo’s living in romantic despair that the end of the world in which the existing exalted beings are not free subjects of apocalypticism.

Green is the complex terrain of extended kinship ties between Indigiqueer/Two-Spirit and queer settlers. Green spectrals haunt the hyphenated margins of the subaltern, enduring perpetually frequent gaslighting of post-traumatic settler-colonial and concurrent disorders. Together/apart WE endure our own private apocalyptics, cataclysmic, temporal end-points that exist as seemingly fixed and an unavoidable global terminus, from which Indigiqueer/queer resurgence erupts relentless into the ongoing colonial.

— Jeffrey McNeil-Seymour + SD Holman

Visual Artists

Beric Manywounds
Duane Isaac
Falak Vasa
Grace Howse
Ho Tam
Isaac Murdoch
Jay Pahre
Kali Spitzer
Katherine Atkins
Kathleen Elkins Ross
Manuel Axel Strain
pablo muñoz
Preston Buffalo
Tejal Shah 
Tsohil Bhatia

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