Beric Manywounds


Video projection installation
7 minutes

Artist Statement

Tsanizid means “Wake up” in the Tsuutina Dene language. In this new contemporary dance work, Beric presents a moving image journey through sound and metamorphosis. Situated amidst the moon, the night, and the first thunder storm of Spring, the dancer ventures into the unknown in search of new beginnings by exploring the spiritual terrain of being a multi-gender being.

Beric Manywounds is a Two Spirit writer, filmmaker, and intermedia performance artist from the Tsuutina Nation of Treaty 7. Taking a special interest in the genres of fantasy, horror, and magical realism, Beric’s storytelling often reflects an exploration of post trauma consciousness and spiritual transformation. Now soon to be graduating from the Intermedia Cyber Arts program at Concordia University,  Beric is now giving shape, form, and voice to their futurist visions of Indigenous resurgence and decolonized gender in new works of cinema, performance, and contemporary dance.