Duane Isaac


Photographic series

Artist Statement

plural noun: ephemera; things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usage. 
Early 16th century: plural of ephemeron, from Greek translation of ephēmeros that means ‘lasting only a day’. As a singular noun the word was applied (late 18th century) to a person or thing of short-lived interest. Works of art that only occurs once, like a happening, cannot be embodied in any lasting object as the majority of the masks and headpieces in this collection that spans three years of work – no longer exist.
Isaac’s ephemeral collection is made manifest from previously enjoyed and other collectible memorabilias found garage saling, thrifting or the local dollar store . 
Isaacs cultural icons inhabit. 
Cree alchemi as response to surveillance capitalism. 
Canadian corporate consumer culture keeping Canadians Conveniently complicit.
Each direct conscious/subconscious response to cosmological stimuli imbued with the spirit of those that have been here longer than us (and will be here long after we are gone). Isaacs imaginative capacity is a prophetic glimpse of a indigenous futurity. Precognitions of things yet to come: Isaac’s immortal Tricksters and transformers – literally herald the return of starpeople – Seduce. Us. 
ephemera – something of no lasting significance; items meant to be discarded after one use. Duane’s artifacts were intentional made to last if only for a transitory moment of self-expressionaesthetic value of that moment of production: iconography becomes lasciviously immortalized. An Ephemeral life lived  leaves only a relatively small impact on those around them. the torsos salacious, the masks are opulence – complete stands as otherwordly perfection. You are not the same after the first moments of contact – close encounters indeed.

Duane Isaac is a First Nation Mi’gmaq from Listuguj, QC. He is a contemporary artist who uses the photography medium in combination with his mask making. His work has been featured in multiple online publications, most recently Canadian Art Magazine. He currently resides in Listuguj, QC.