Falak Vasa

Nourish Me Balcony

Nourish Me Balcony
Song, music video
3 minutes

Artist Statement

My body (of work) is a decolonizing and queering of power structures that uphold colonial logics of binaries (nature/culture, man/woman, self/other). It is interdisciplinary, using video, photography, installation, writing, 3D animation and so on, but is always performative and of/for/against the body – my body.
My body (of work) disrupts and resists the ‘other-ing’ of non-humans and the exoticizing and marginalization of ‘international’ bodies and queer/trans people of color. I use humor as a strategy to both invite and disarm, slowly revealing layers of meaning within and beyond laughter.
My body (of work) rests between these intersections of (post)human and (post)colonial discourse. Yet it comes from a place of wanting to live my truths and create work that mumma has access to. From this place of deep personal and critical investment, I search for joy in myself and share it with those (humans, non-humans alike) whose joy has been systemically stolen.

Falak Vasa (they/she pronouns, b. 1995) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and educator currently based in Bhawanipur, Kolkata. They are an MFA candidate in Literary Arts at Brown University, and have attended artist residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and ACRE. Her practice is a decolonizing and queering of oppressive power structures through gesture and language, always filtered through humor. But Falak, you may ask, where is the humor in this bio? Well friend……….good question.

Currently, Falak works as a freelance educator and writer, waters her plants daily, and showers sometimes. Or so she claims.