Gathering of Wishes and 1000 Paper Butterflies

Phase 1 of Mass Reincarnation of Wish Fragments 願片大量転生 (Ganhen Tairyou Tensei)

Workshop | Wed Aug 4, 6pm | SUM gallery & Online


An ancient Japanese folk tale promises that anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes will have their wish answered by the gods. In this project, these wishes are instead carried by the wings of butterflies, a symbol with many intricate meanings. In chaos theory, the flapping of a butterfly’s wings is said to be able to cause storms on the other side of the world, a statement that one individual is capable of bringing about great change. In biology, the butterfly hatching process symbolizes rebirth, a new life, coming out, and the transformation into something beautiful, common themes in 2SLGBTQ+ culture and especially the transgender experience.