Town Crier


TOWN CRIER is a series of site-specific performances enacted in public space wherein I perform the role of a town crier. Historically, the role of the crier was to deliver proclamations in a market or square on behalf of the royal court. They were elaborately dressed and utilized a handbell to underscore their deliverances. In my work, rather than delivering assertions on behalf of a royal court, I deliver my proclamations on behalf of the working class which I am a part of. In doing so in the spaces I select to leverage my presence against I am focused on articulating these interventions in space as a way to disrupt the minutiae of capitalist ideologies that articulate our understandings of space and context within those locations.

Based in Miami, Florida KUNST is an interdisciplinary artist working to contextualize and visualize the aberrant queer phenomenology inherent to our bodies, our experiences and our fantasies. Having studied various fields of interest from philosophy to classical music, since 2012 they have blended their years of study with sculpture, video art, performance, soundscape design and illustration to produce a surrealist fantasy in which the Queer Other is opened up and explored interpersonally.