The Darlings

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Drag Performance
July 24 | 7 pm | ASL

See the video recording below to enjoy this event at any time for the duration of the festival.
Or, join us as we stream The Darlings, Uncensored a second time on Sun Jul 26 at our Pajama Party!

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  • Official welcome from QAF
  • The Darlings: Rose Butch, Queen Maiden China, Continental Breakfast and PM for a Good Time 

Our presentations may include recording of live, unrehearsed ASL interpretation targeted to a specific audience. Interpreting services provided electronically are often subject to vagaries of the internet connection and, in addition, may include errors or omissions.

Rose Butch
Instagram: rose.butch
Maiden China
Instagram: queenmaidenchina
Continental Breakfast
Instagram: contibreakfast
Instagram: pmforagoodtime

What sacrifice is consumed by the tantalizing pursuit of gender euphoria? Why do we crash endlessly as glittering waves on some far away beach only to be rolled back into a Sisyphean sea, tempest-tossed. Who prowls beyond the cold liquid crystal, that digital shroud, to establish the confines and consequences of the wicked? 

After two widely successful shows aptly titled “Quarantine I” and “Quarantine II”, the multidisciplinary non-binary drag performance collective, The Darlings, are back on stage direct to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, porch, rooftop, closet, or any other dwelling of your choice, and this time the queer phantasmagoria
is uncensored and excessively indulgent.

The Darlings are a multidisciplinary non-binary drag performance collective based in Vancouver. Their work challenges the boundaries of conventional drag and explores genderqueer, non-binary, and Trans experience through the use of movement, poetry, performance art, theatre, and immersive installation.

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